Bank Local


Reasons to Bank Local

Personal Service — From our tellers to our CEO, Willamette Community Bank’s employees and board members are your neighbors. We know your kids, and you know ours. To us you are more than just another account.


Local Job Creation — We employ people right here in our communities, and our financial support of local businesses creates countless other employment opportunities.


Local Decision Making — We make our financial decisions from right here in Albany, Oregon, which allows us to get to know you as more than a credit score when evaluating business and personal loans that help us all reach our goals.

Local Reinvestment — 100 percent of the loans we make are to Oregon-based customers, helping to grow the local economy. We consider factors like community impact that national banks don’t think about when making lending decisions.


Direct Commitment to Our Communities — Our work extends beyond business hours. Willamette Community Bank employees completed more than 2,000 volunteer hours in 2017.


Cutting Edge Services & Fiscal Strength — Willamette Community Bank offers everything you expect from a trusted financial partner — like Mobile Banking and fraud protection products — with service you don’t get through a call center.

Neighborly bankers. Cutting-edge services. Fiscal strength. Local reinvestment. It’s just who we are.

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