Building our community with 15-years of partnership

Knox Construction, Inc., a second-generation family-owned business, joined Willamette Community Bank right at the beginning. In fact, one of its account numbers is in the teens.

As general contractors, Knox has built a reputation on delivering personal attention to local customers through relationships of trust.

“I would say that our objectives are not so different than the bank’s,” said chief financial officer Daryl Knox. “Most of our work is done on individual projects with people who trust us to do it right, to care about their projects.”

This philosophy started with their grandpa’s operating value—a good name is better than great riches.

And a good name they have earned. A majority of their business comes from word-of-mouth referrals, they have won several Excellence in Concrete Awards from Oregon Concrete in Aggregate Producers Association (OCAPA), and they have been featured in Dwell magazine.

A partnership based on personal relationships

Knox’s emphasis on personal relationships is one of the main reasons they started, and continue, to bank with Willamette Community Bank.

Over the past 15 years, this relationship has evolved as different family members and bank staff have managed the accounts. Knox said despite having different points of contact, Willamette Community Bank has always shown a consistent willingness to understand their business.

When Knox Construction made a larger acquisition, Willamette Community Bank provided guidance every step of the way. “They’ve taken the time to understand the nuances of our business,” said Knox. “They have enough history with us personally to know when it’s a good risk for them and when it’s not. So, I think we’ve been able to do some things that other banks maybe just wouldn’t have wanted to spend the time to learn about.”

Coming to others’ aid

This commitment was demonstrated again when Knox Construction found itself in need of a new business building. The family’s other business, Fidelity Builders, needed a new location after the building they were leasing was bought. They had to purchase a new location or Fidelity would cease to exist.

Knox said Willamette Community Bank was able to help on short notice and provided a business loan that enabled them to get established in a new building.

Backed by the Bank, Fidelity Builders can continue to build custom-ordered modular or prefabricated homes—many of which are helping families replace houses lost to the Santa Rosa fires.

Giving back in the Willamette Valley

Locally, the parent company has done work for churches and Christian schools at a discounted rate. Knox said they have benefited from the generosity of others and want to return the favor.

One of his favorite projects was the East Linn Christian Academy, especially the gym. “We all love basketball, so it’s a fantastic gym.”

An evolving business and banking relationship

Having a bank that knows the people behind the business has helped Knox Construction explore new initiatives. “Whoever we’ve worked with over the years has always shown enough faith and trust in us to entertain the conversation, to look and see what we may be able to do from a financing standpoint,” said Knox. “It’s nice to have a partner there who will listen and digest what it is you’re trying to do, and not just say, ‘no’ or, ‘that doesn’t work; that doesn’t fit our program.’”

For the past 15 years, Willamette Community Bank has been honored to partner with Knox Construction as it builds our local and national community. We’re looking forward to the next 15.

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