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Company Structure


WCB is a state-chartered, FDIC insured, non-Federal Reserve member bank headquartered in Albany, Oregon, dedicated to serving the needs of the communities, businesses and citizens of the local trade area.

The principal focus is on small-to-medium sized businesses, professionals and retail customers.


WCB focuses on the delivery of standard deposit and loan products with more personal service, greater precision and timeliness than other area banks. Chief among the advantages are an experienced staff who are able to identify and quantify operational risks and make exceptions to provide better customer service where warranted. A local board of directors and staff with decision-making authority are highly desirable for the customers of the local trade area.

WCB competes effectively in the local trade area due to several factors. The Bank’s directors, officers and employees have significant experience in the local trade area that enables them to maintain close working relationships with their customers. In addition, the Bank emphasizes superior customer services in all aspects of its operations. Therefore, the Bank is able to respond more quickly and accurately to customer requests than its larger competitors.


WCB provides traditional commercial bank services to the local trade area. Merchant bankcard, currency and coin services, night depository, and wire transfers are among the deposit services made available to businesses and individuals. Traditional lending to retail and commercial businesses such as lines of credit, inventory and receivables financing are available for commercial customers. The Bank also provides consumer financing for the local trade area.