Customer highlight: Sybaris Bistro, Albany Oregon

Sybaris Bistro

Willamette Community Bank’s Robert R. Moore (far left) and David Frances (far right) visit with Matt and Janel Bennett of Sybaris Bistro.

For over 17 years, Sybaris Bistro has been serving contemporary northwest foods with a rotating seasonal menu. In fact, they’re the first restaurant in Albany to offer this. “It was a bit of a trick when we started, because people here weren’t used to that,” said co-founder Matt Bennett. “But we held out, and they really got into it.” Today, Sybaris puts its success to work, raising money for many local causes.

Matt wanted to be a chef since he was 12 years old. He and his wife Janel married in 1998, then opened Sybaris in 2001. At first, they worked with a large national bank, but when their contact there retired, they had to ask themselves why they were still there.

“We said, let’s go somewhere that we know people and they know us,” Matt said. “A place with real people, taking care of real people.” So they made the switch to Willamette Community Bank, where their finances are as local as their offerings. “It fits with how we run our business,” Matt said. “It perfectly meshes with that.”

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