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Cashier’s Checks
When paying with cash or check is not an option, stop by our Albany or Lebanon office to purchase a bank-issued cashier’s check.

Direct Deposit
We offer direct deposit on all our checking accounts. It applies to paychecks, retirement checks, and investment income, and is deposited free of charge.

Wire Transfers
When transferring funds between banks, wire transfers are more expedient, and the funds transferred are available immediately. At Willamette Community Bank, we can help originate both domestic and international wire transfers.

Foreign currency exchanges
You can order foreign currency or foreign drafts at our Albany or Lebanon office. Next day delivery is available.

Safe Deposit Boxes
To store important documents, irreplaceable heirlooms or high-value items, consider opening a safe deposit box. It will protect your belongings from fire and theft, it’s available to you at any time during regular business hours, and you can choose from a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

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