Shop Local. It’s Worth it.


Why shopping local is worth it.

  • Personal Service – Local business owners live in your community. They are your neighbors, and to them you’re more than just another customer.
  • Local Job Creation – Local businesses are the largest employers nationally, and are more likely to reinvest additional profits into hiring additional employees to support a growing business, rather than send those profits out of the community for investment elsewhere.
  • Local Reinvestment – With local owners and employees, local businesses pay greater amounts into the local tax base and participate actively in community organizations.
  • Support of Local Nonprofits — Local businesses provide greater volunteer and financial support to local nonprofits than non-locally owned businesses.
  • You’re Buying More than Gifts — When you shop local more money re-circulates in our local economy — as much as 50 percent more. So when you buy presents locally — or anything else — it trickles through the entire local economy, and maybe even coming all the way back to you.
  • Create Unique Communities — Local businesses often bring unique character to the community and serve local interests in ways that large national chains cannot. These local businesses make our local communities one of a kind.

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