New! Stop Fraud with a Text

At Willamette Community Bank, we’re constantly monitoring for fraud — and if we see any suspicious transactions on your debit card, we try to contact you right away.

Now we can contact you via text. If we have a mobile phone number for you in our records, we’ll send you a message inviting you to opt in. (Message and data rates may apply.)

If you don’t want to receive Text Alerts, no action is required: if we detect any signs of fraud on your account, we’ll contact you another way.

If you opt in for Text Alerts, you can expect us to text you if we see any unusual account activity. If you recognize the activity, just text us back and we’ll mark it as legitimate. If it’s fraud, we’ll give you a phone number to call, and help you get it taken care of.

Protect your debit card with Text Alerts. Look for our opt-in message, and follow instructions to get started.

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