Welcome to MoneyPass®

Now you can use your bank card at 32,000+ MoneyPass® ATMs nationwide, surcharge-free.*

We noticed something recently: our customers use external ATMs quite a bit, making over 500 transactions a month at other locations. That’s a lot of ATM fees. And that’s why we decided to replace our own branch ATMs with MoneyPass.

  • Access over 700 MoneyPass ATMs across Oregon
  • Get over 32,000 MoneyPass ATMs nationwide
  • Pay $0 in ATM surcharges

How does it work?

Go to MoneyPass.com to find your nearest MoneyPass ATM, and use your Willamette Community Bank card there, surcharge-free.

Want the MoneyPass app? Put the free ATM-finder in your pocket.

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*No surcharges for using MoneyPass ATMs. Surcharges apply at non-MoneyPass ATMs.